Winter Driving Hacks

Many people do their own little things to get their car defrosted quickly with minimum fuss.  Because what do you do when you have no de-icer and no ice scraper?  You use your clock in card for work, your debit card from your pocket, a cd (if you can get the door open) or you pour boiling water over the windscreen and locks.  All of these Drivers Autocentre do not recommend but what we have done is scoured the internet and researched the best tried and tested methods.  See below for some of our best winter driving hacks.

Frozen windscreen wipers?

To prevent this from happening raise your windscreen wipers up off the windscreen.  If you don’t do this and they get frozen you risk breaking them which can cause you even more trouble! Some people even go a step further and put socks over their wipers.

Can’t get the door open?

A great hack to prevent this is by using a silicone lubricant such as WD40 or a similar brand around the door seals.  This will prevent the doors from freezing and will also preserve the seals.

No de-icer or scraper?

Don’t worry a couple of basic kitchen items will come in handy.  A water and vinegar spray will work.  Mix 3 parts vinegar to 1 part water and that should do the trick!  If you don’t have time for this, grab a fish slice or spatula (the plastic kind) and this will work just as well.

Frozen Locks?

We have all been there and you heat it up with a lighter then burn yourself right?  Well an easier way of doing this is by using hand sanitiser and rubbing it on your key and into the lock.  The alcohol in the sanitiser will melt the ice!

It is always worthwhile to take preventative measures and ensure that your car is ready for the cold winter months.  Doing this could save you time and money, not to mention protect the longevity of your car! At Drivers Autocentre we can give you great advice and even a free winter car check.  Get in touch today!