What’s APPning in 2018?

Car Apps, that’s what!

Technology continuously evolves and advances, this means if you’re in the market for a new car in 2018 you could be pleasantly surprised by the number of gizmos and gadgets featured in your car of choice. We have listed below some of the most interesting and most exciting automotive applications to arise in 2018, in order to provide you with an idea of what to expect when browsing for your new car. The features listed below aren’t in every car, but we expect it won’t be long until they are!

How many times have you lost your key? Imagine not having to worry about those big heavy clunky keys that weigh you down everywhere you go… (that’s a joke by the way). Well car companies have now resolved that issue, they have come up with an App. The App offered by some car manufacturers allows you to open and lock your vehicles doors from anywhere, YES ANYWHERE! So, when that panic sets in half way round the supermarket as you wonder if you actually locked your car you don’t have to run back to check, just check it on the app. Also, you’ll no longer need to worry about losing your keys – you’ll just need to worry about losing your phone! But what happens if you lose your phone? How do you get into your car? This is a question I’m sure car companies will solve for 2019, maybe 2019 will see a chip placed into your arm that allow you to control the vehicles doors – but what if you lose your arm…

2018 has also seen an increasing number of manufacturers produce cars which are control by an app on your smart phone and not just unlocked. The app is linked to a number of controls in the vehicle such as honking the horn, turning on and off lights, and even bring the car to you to name a few.

This technology isn’t new as last year we seen Tesla produce their Model 3 which has keyless entry the vehicle is controlled from Tesla’s app. 2018 has seen Volvo follow up from Tesla as their 2018 cars will also be remotely controlled by an App. Tesla app put owners in direct communication with their vehicle
anytime anywhere, once downloaded onto your device you simply login to gain access to your vehicle. The App then displays the overall status of your vehicle from here you can control opening and closing doors or sunroof, the app also displays how many miles your car can do on its current battery. The Tesla app allows you to “summon” your car by pressing and holding on the summon button on the app. The car will then either drive forwards or reverse depending on the command you provide it.



Volvos car key app that will be introduced in its 2018 models will allow you to unlock your vehicle when near, but that’s not the best part – you can share your car, and by this Volvo mean you can share the key via the app allowing someone else to access your vehicle. The App also allow you to gain access to hire cars once you lease them the app will allow you to gain access. Although Volvo are pushing this technology into their new vehicle they state that it will not replace the traditional car key, the app is just and added extra.



So, if the app capability isn’t included in the cars price, will you be upgrading to the higher spec all so you can unlock your vehicle with your phone? Is it really worth the money or is it just a gimmick?