When it’s snow good – Top tips to get moving in the snow


With Red warnings being issued across the nation some helpful tips to get your car moving in the snow may be useful (be advised only drive if necessary). We’ve pulled together some of the most helpful tips for getting free from the snow. We have found that if your car becomes stuck in snow, as hard as this may be, it is best to remain calm! Keep a cool head when you’re lodged into the snow or hit a stretch as any abrupt actions, such as slamming on the breaks, transfers the vehicle weight to your front tyres; resulting in the breaks seizing and loss of control of the vehicle. To avoid this from happening it is advised that you should gradually let off the accelerator and hold the steering wheel steady until you are clear of the obstruction.


Ideally you want to remove as much snow and ice away from the vehicles tires as possible. By freeing up a few feet in front and behind the vehicles tires this will allow you to drive the car back and forth. When moving the car back and forth dig out any snow from underneath the vehicle this will provide more ground for the tyres to grip.

This would be made easier with a shovel, try store one in your boot space. If you plan on driving in snowy conditionz make sure you pack other winter essentials such as; food, a hot flask, torch light and warm clothes including a blanket.


By carefully switching from drive to reverse can help dislodge some of the snow stuck around your vehicles
wheels, when repeating this be careful you do not destroy your transmission.


It’s always tempting to just put your foot down on the gas and hope that the vehicle will take off through the snow, but that isn’t the case. So just don’t floor the gas – go easy on the accelerator to give the vehicle some movement. Repeating this process will create a “rocking” motion and the momentum will dislodge you from the snow, not the power of the vehicle.


If you have tried all of the above tips and are still struggling to move your vehicle, the next step would be to
try and improve the traction beneath your vehicles wheels. Using items such as salt, sandbags, dirt or even cat litter can help aid the traction of your vehicle. Throw several handfuls under each tire for improved traction.