With March being a busy month for MOT’s, at Drivers Autocentre we want to make sure you know what happens during an MOT and what we check during the inspection. MOT’s are very important to both your safety and the safety of other motorists.

You need an MOT each year if your car is over 3 years old to make sure your car is in a roadworthy condition. A number of vehicles do fail their MOT but if you look after your car regularly and give it a quick inspection before the MOT occurs your car will hopefully pass its inspection.

The Inspection

So do you know what items get checked during an MOT inspection? Well you might be surprised but we have included a list below and it is worthwhile checking these are all in good working order/condition before you take your car in:

 Registration plate

 Lights

 Wipers and washers

 Horn

 Doors and mirrors

 Wheels and tyres

 Steering and suspension

 Vehicle identification number (VIN)

 Windscreen

 Vehicle emissions

 Brakes

 Fuel & exhaust system

If your car fails on any of the above, you will be given a refusal of MOT certificate. You then need to get repairs and a retest. It is worth noting that you may not be insured if your car does not have a valid MOT certificate so it is worth getting the repairs done and a retest scheduled straight away! You can book an MOT with Drivers Autocentre using our handy widget on the home page of our website.

If you have any questions about MOTs then please don’t hesitate to get in touch or check out or MOT page on our website. We can give you any advice you need, just contact us today.