In For The Long Haul

Are you planning on taking your car away on a long drive over the Easter holidays?  You’re probably getting everything else arranged and forget to check the thing that will get you there.  Your car.  Yes, we rely so much on our vehicles but we sometimes forget to give them a little health check to make everything is doing what it should and this is especially important before clocking up the miles.

So do you know what to check and look for? Well Drivers Autocentre have listed the main things to check:

  • Lights – Check all lights (you obviously might need someone to help you here) but all lights, including indicators, need to be checked to ensure they are working. It is an offence if any lights are not functioning.
  • Oil – People forget to check their oil but the average diesel car uses a lot of oil so it’s definitely worth checking and remember to do it when the car and engine is cold.
  • Water levels – Again, when the engine is cold check the coolant level.
  • Screenwash – it is against the law if your screenwash system is not functioning therefore checking this and keeping it regularly topped is vital for visibility.
  • Windscreen – Do you have a little chip? Has it started to spread? It is most definitely worthwhile getting this checked and repaired. Usually when claiming this on your insurance your excess is much less and doesn’t affect your no claims bonus.  You would need to check this with your individual insurer though.
  • Tyres – Are your tyres within the legal limits? Is the pressure ok? Are there no gouges or tears in the tyres?  These are all things you need to check and especially before setting off. 
  • Power steering – When your car has had a service your garage will fill your hydraulic fluid reservoir. It is worth checking the level of this and topping up with an appropriate fluid.
  • Windscreen Wipers – When did you last replace your wipers? If they are sticking or smearing, then it is definitely worth getting these replaced.  Typically, they should be replaced every year.

If you are unsure on any of these then contact us and we will be more than happy to check them for you.  It is definitely worth ensuring your car is ready to make sure your trip is stress and problem free!