Going, Going, Gone….The Rise of Electric Vehicles

Going, Going, Gone…. Yep that’s right in 23 years from now just like the Walkman and VCR–Player, diesel and petrol vehicles will be no more.

The British government plan to ban the sale of new diesel and petrol cars/vans by 2040. The news comes after the government released its “clean air plan” which hopes to combat the rising levels of nitrogen oxide, the ever-increasing levels caused by vehicles poses a major health risk to the public and the environment. A government spokesman said, “poor air quality is the biggest environmental risk to public health and the government is determined to take strong action in the shortest time possible”

What happens to my petrol/diesel car after 2040?

Bin it?… No! You can continue to drive your car diesel and petrol car (if it still works in 2040), what the government is banning is the SALE of new petrol and diesel cars. Don’t worry if you’ve got an old classic or a modern masterpiece, you’ll still be able to legally drive around in your prized possession.

What action should I take?

No action is required right now as the ban doesn’t come into place for another 23 years. Based on the average ownership cycle of people changing their cars every three years it is most likely you’ll have another 6 cars before the change has any effect. Who knows, your 7th purchase could might even be able to fly!

Pros and Cons of Electric cars

The lack of harmful emissions and the low running costs are a major plus point of electric cars, this is just one of the many benefits electric cars provide. 

Without the bulky engine of traditional cars, electric cars can offer more room inside than a similarly sized conventional car. Electric cars are also pressingly quick off the mark even at low speeds, the Tesla Model S is one of the fastest-accelerating cars ever made.

However, electric cars do have their downfalls, they aren’t for everyone. They’re still more expensive than traditional cars. At the top of the range, the tesla Model S can be from £56,000 to £130,000. Another downfall to the electric car is the time required to charge, you can’t just fill up and go this might not be suitable to everyone’s lifestyle.