For Brake’s Sake

Your cars brakes are the most important safety feature of your car. Protecting you, your passengers and other drivers. You need to ensure your brakes are in good working order and if you notice anything out of the ordinary it is worth getting it checked right away. Some of the common things you will experience with the brakes in your car can include the following:

  • A loud screeching sound
  • A grinding sound
  • Your car pulling in one direction
  • Not stopping as quickly as you would expect
  • Having to put your foot right to the floor to stop
  • Vibrating brake pedal

Obviously some of these issues can also be related to other car parts however it is very important to get these checked quickly for your own and other people’s safety. Some of the problems that cause the above could be very simple to fix, it could simply be the need for new brake pads and shoes. At Drivers Autocentre we have joined BrakeSure offering a lifetime warranty on brake pads and shoes. We can offer these for the lifetime of your car after you’ve had your car’s braking system checked and optimised.

All the brake parts we use match the original specification and are fitted by our highly skilled technicians. The lifetime replacement is designed to give you peace of mind for the life of your car and is only available in Servicesure Autocentres.

You pay for your first replacement braking system i.e. pads, discs and shoes and then we will supply and fit your next set when you need them at no cost to you!

You do not need a specific service to check your brakes, Drivers Autocentre can check these when your car is in for its annual service.

So need new brake pads or shoes? Ask today about our Brakesure scheme.

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