Drop it and Walk it

Drop your car off for a service and participate in Friday’s Car-Free Day

September 22nd, is World Car Free-Day. So why not give up your car for one day and walk, cycle or use public transport to get around. This movement aims to show just how dramatically cars are affecting the environment, by giving up your car for one day you help to reduce Co2 pollution, so it’s the perfect time to do a bit for the environment and get that repair or vehicle health check done.  Adopting a more sustainable method to get around helps reduce greenhouse gasses and traffic congestions. 

Many large cities all over the world shut their central roads off for special days like this, forcing the public to use alternative methods of transport (can you imagine shutting the M80?)

If you are thinking you might do it if the weather is nice, that is a poor excuse with Glasgow
being the wettest place in Scotland so don’t let that stop you!  Make a difference and drop it and walk it. It will be good for the environment, your waistline and your little car will get a rest to and
looked after by us in one of our 3 centres.

Take Action be safe

Here are WalkIt.com Top 3 Safety Walking tips

  1. Always take the route you know best and try to use well lit, busy streets.
  2. Walk facing oncoming traffic.
  3. Avoid danger spots like quiet or badly lit streets.

THINK! Safety Cycling Advice

THINK! Safety advice when choosing to cycle. Following these tips will help ensure a safer journey to your chosen destination. The following tips have been take from the governments THINK.

  1. If a lorry is indicating left, passing on the inside can be dangerous. Hang back at the junction to reduce the risk of a collision.
  2. Ride positively, decisively and well clear of the kerb – look and signal to show drivers what you plan to do and make eye contact where possible so you know drivers have seen you
  3. Avoid riding up the inside of large vehicles, like lorries or buses, where you might not be seen
  4. Always use lights after dark or when visibility is poor
  5. Wearing light coloured or reflective clothing during the day and reflective clothing and/or accessories in the dark increases your visibility
  6. Follow the Highway Code including observing ‘stop’ and ‘give way’ signs and traffic lights
  7. THINK! Recommends wearing a correctly fitted cycle helmet, which is securely fastened and conforms to current regulations