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Winter Driving Hacks

Many people do their own little things to get their car defrosted quickly with minimum fuss.  Because what do you do when you have no de-icer and no ice scraper?  You use your clock in card for work, your debit card from your pocket, a cd (if you can get the door open) or you […]

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The Importance of Servicing and Saving Money

In January the majority of us all start with new years resolutions. Some people want to get fit, while others may want to get their finances into shape. If your resolutions is finances, make sure you are looking after your car with regular servicing and maintenance as it could save you day to day in […]

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Dashboard Warning Lights

Do you know what the warning lights in your car mean? And do you do anything about it? Well at Drivers Autocentre thankfully we know what these lights mean and how to fix the problem. We have pulled together this handy graphic below so you can quickly find out what each light means and what […]

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