At The Car Wash…

It is very important to maintain your cars’ engine, lights, battery, tyres and everything that makes it go, but something we do tend to neglect is the paintwork.

For some people washing their car is a chore they would rather not do and of course it’s definitely not something we want to do in winter when it’s cold and miserable outside.  And what’s the point? It’s just going to get covered in grit and salt from the roads! Exactly, grit and salt from the roads can be so detrimental to the car that you need to wash it off and more often!

Cars need regular washing particularly in winter when the salt on the road can cause a lot of damage due to rusting and corrosion.  The rusting can occur anywhere on the car even in places where you would least expect it.

Rust is a bit like a rash.  It will start in one area and you treat it but it quickly progresses all over the car.   In order to prevent rusting from the salt and grit on the roads we have included some tips to help you keep your car clean and keep on to it for longer.

  1. Do not use washing up liquid.  This can remove the wax that has been applied to the car.  It is best to use a specific car shampoo or snow foam
  2. Get into all the little areas that rust could accumulate such as behind the front grill and wheel arches
  3. It is very important to clean the underneath of the car so either by visiting a car wash that has water jets to tackle the underneath or with a hose at home
  4. Try as much as possible to use a hot water rather than cold water if you’re doing it at home.  This will allow you to cut through more of the grit and grime
  5. Change your car mats to rubber mats.  This way when they do get went it will not leak through to the floor and cause rusting.

Washing your car need not be expensive.  It just needs a bit of time and a bit of effort.  At Drivers Autocentre we want to help maintain your car to ensure you have it for longer.  Get in touch with us today to ensure that your wiper and washer system is working as well as it should as well.

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